Tap is a conversation of the feet. Metal taps attached to the toes and heels of tap shoes enable the dancer to make multiple beating sounds in varying rhythms. Tap repertoire grows through the grades enabling the dancer to put more steps together in more complex arrangements and entertain their audience with exciting rhythmical sounds.

The ISTD tap syllabus has just been completely revised and the new grades include a lot of rhythmic work and funky moves and show a strong American Tap influence.




This is a technical class with a set syllabus that aims to do the same as ballet but in a more modern way. Although there is no replacement for a strong classical technique, modern syllabus provides strengthening and technical exercises that help aid a dancer to excel in jazz and contemporary.

As well as appropriate warm-up moves, a Modern class works on specific lines of the body such as a side or forward stretch. Emphasis is also placed on the use of feet and travelling, which are imperative to making movements in free dance classes look good.