Ballet is the core subject for all dancers and remains both the foundation and cornerstone of all dance technique. Ballet works every muscle group in the body and enables a more fluid learning path for other forms of dance as well as increasing balance, muscle tone, turn-out and flexibility.

Ballet is its own art and those who find a true love for it have a passion that will last a lifetime. The flow and grace of the slower movements, combined with the strength needed for turns and jumping keep a ballet student constantly engaged and working to improve their level.

Ballet is a necessity for students studying other dance forms to give them the core strength and leg alignment needed to be a strong dancer. Studying ballet transforms a dancer into looking more clean and professional, whatever the style of dance they are doing.

For little ones ballet is the first subject they are able to learn at 3 years old. It is taught with stories and imagery and builds the first blocks of dance technique for budding dancers who wish to go on to study ballet itself or any other style of dance.

Ballet is for boys and girls. While the girls go on to dance en pointe and show off fancy footwork, boys show off with big powerful jumps and multiple turns and of course are fundamental for pas de deux work - a girl cannot lift herself!