Dance training is a fantastic asset to have. For some it turns into a career, and for others it is a fabulous hobby that involves physical exercise, creativity and fun. A child who dances will be more agile and flexible, have better posture and improved confidence and social skills.

At Ballaré dance training begins at age 3 with Pre-School Ballet. This lays the foundations for a life time of good dancing. Once the children reach school age there is also Tap and Modern, then Street Dance, Jazz and Contemporary.

We train students in Ballet, Tap & Modern using the syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) who hold their headquarters in London and are one of the worlds leading dance examinations boards. At professional dance schools there are only two recognised dance syllabi - ISTD and RAD.  At Ballaré we are qualified to teach both of these.

In addition to syllabus work, which builds technique and strength, 'free' dance classes are imperative to good training. This means that the class is choreographed by the teacher, and new aspects and music are introduced each week. This is fun and challenging and as well as keeping a dancer on their toes, teaches them to think and react faster. Jazz, Street Dance and Contemporary are all taught as free classes as they are subjects that change with influence of music and culture.