The Art of Professionalism

Ballaré is Latin and it means 'to dance'. At Ballaré a passion for dance is prevalent. Classes are available for children from three years of age and start with fun, imaginative classes that continue through a child's life increasing in content and difficulty as the grades progress.

Dance training of the highest standard is provided. Dance is taught with a sense of both fun and enjoyment, whilst every pupil is encouraged to realise their full potential. Children are trained to understand their muscles. Physical dance training where the student is focussed and aware of what their body is trying to achieve is paramount.

Students are also strongly encouraged to be expressive and artistic and extremely musical. Children are warmly guided to learn to dance in an inspirational way. Tuition is filled with positivity, expression, fun and just the right amount of discipline. We aim to educate children to the highest standard as well as making our classes fun and exciting.

Dance is our life and we aim to make it your passion. Come and see us for a trial lesson and catch the performing bug... you'll never look back!